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5 deviants said Still with Steven Universe eh?
3 deviants said You clod, what are you doing with Peridot?
2 deviants said You look like an angry peice of pie
1 deviant said Please dont tell me you tried to flush yourself?


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5 deviants said Still with Steven Universe eh?
3 deviants said You clod, what are you doing with Peridot?
2 deviants said You look like an angry peice of pie
1 deviant said Please dont tell me you tried to flush yourself?
My Alternate Z-Warriors by Mr-Wolfman-Thomas
My Alternate Z-Warriors
Original Meme: Z-Fighters meme

Set in an alternate time line where some villains obviously are reformed, and where Vegito didn't defuse inside Super Buu and was fast enough to save Gohan, Trunks, Gothen, and Piccolo along with Hercule, Bee, and Dende

Leader: Gohan- Unlike the main universe, Gohan still trained from time to time, though he only stayed around the same power level as he did when he killed Cell, using the Dragon Balls to allow people to never age when their in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, he flew up to the lookout once every two years to train and get his strength up when he gets a break from studying, when Buu came into play, and was much too powerful for him, Gohan still had his potential unlocked by the Elder Kai and trained to combine his super saiyan energy with the mystic energy to become a Mystic Super Saiyan to even surpass a Super Saiyan 3 in terms of power, which he uses against Kid Buu to finish him off.

Vegito- Unable to defuse, Vegito gave the earrings that fused Goku and Vegeta into one being to Chi-Chi and Bulma after the two chewed him out for obvious reasons, he is able to go Super Saiyan 3 as do all pure blooded saiyans and even use the kaioken in any of his Super Saiyan forms to rival even Gohan's Mystic Super Saiyan, he has a more cocky attitude as opposed to Vegeta's arrogance and more of a wise cracker as opposed to Goku's goof ball demeanor, cracking jokes in the middle of fights to further anger foes into making mistakes.

Raditz- In this timeline, Goku manages to spare Raditz's life and tell his brother that he sensed good in him, this affected Raditz to say the least, and he went on his own to train for the arrival of Vegeta and Nappa, arriving around the same time as Goku during the fight with the Saiyans, fighting Nappa while Goku fought Vegeta, ultimately going with Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma to Namek after the battle and dies at the hands of Reccome. When he was revived by the Dragon Balls and was sent to earth, Raditz trained to become a Super Saiyan around the same time as Vegeta and Nappa, arriving on the scene with the rest of the Z-fighters when Dr. Gero and Android 19 attacked with Nappa, revealing their Super Saiyan forms once Vegeta destroyed Android 19 and almost came to blows with one another and Vegeta to see who fought Gero, giving the android time to escape. He is able to go Super Saiyan 3 due to his pure blood and is married to Launch and the two have a daughter.

Nappa- After losing a fight to Raditz, Vegeta kills Nappa, only to be revived when Shenron was asked to revived everyone killed by Frieza's Empire AND Vegeta, once revived, he almost immediately went after Raditz who was about to kill him before Gohan intervened, convincing his uncle to spare one of the last remaining Saiyans. Nappa stayed around on earth at Capsule Corp., being smitten by Bulma's mom, even having some tension between the two which lead to Bulma's parents getting a divorce and Nappa became Vegeta's father in law, which he pesters Vegito to no end with the fact, while Raditz's personality was like a more relaxed Vegeta, Nappa was more of an aggressive Goku, very loud and boisterous, but ultimately a nice guy, he and Bulma's mother have a son together and as a pure saiyan, Nappa can go SSJ3

Gotenks- Loving the idea of fusion, especially since they were not only now step brothers and living together, but also their father is a fusion of their, well fathers, the two mastered the Fusion technique to stay fused for almost a day even as SSJ3, which they can only become while fused since they become a full saiyan that way

Piccolo- No real change from the main universe, other than he trains with Cell Jr.

Cell Jr.- When Gohan became a Super Saiyan 2 for the first time and killed the Cell Jr.s, one managed to survive, a deep seeded hatred for Gohan for killing his brothers and his father, Cell Jr. reappeared during the World Martial Arts Tournament disguised until he found out that the Great Saiyaman was really Gohan, where he revealed himself, almost causing Hercule to wet himself at the reveal. His character arch mirrors Piccolo's during the end of Dragon Ball and the start of Z, even calling Gohan "brother" by the end of the Buu saga

The Ginyu Force- Almost right when they were brought back, Piccolo, Gohan, and Raditz pummeled them within inches of their lives, only to be spared when Nappa showed and they begged for mercy, seeing how they were no longer threats, Gohan and Piccolo spared Reccome, Jeice, Burter, and Guildo and they stayed on earth, not wanting to feel the wrath of the Planet Trade Corporation if they learned of their failure on Namek, when Gohan wanted to become a super hero, it was Guildo who suggested the idea of Great Saiyaman, and the force joined Gohan and they made the Great Saiyaforce

Fat Buu- More or less how he was by the end of the Buu arc
Dimensional Avengers Assemble by Mr-Wolfman-Thomas
Dimensional Avengers Assemble
Original: Avengers meme

A threat has shown itself to the Watcher Uatu, a threat that could destroy the multiverse itself, fearing for everything but having being forbidden from talking with the beings from his own universe, Uatu assembled a new team, the Avengers, after the team of heroes from his universe, they are:

Samurai Jack-the leader
Garnet the Crystal Gem
Korra and Asami Sato
Gohan the Great Saiyaman
Ryu the Street Fighter
Ultraman Hero from the Land of Light
Bayonetta witch of the Wicked Weave
Tommy Oliver the Greatest Power Ranger

Together these nine heroes will unite to defend the multiverse from all that threaten it, unfortunately that also includes some beings from their own universes who've, thanks to Uatu's interference now set their sights on worlds beyond
Wolfman: Jurassic Park, an island of danger and wonder, who can possibly survive this place in a Death Gauntlet?

Murderface: Uh, question: What happened to the two guys that hosted your last Death Battle?

Wolfman: Who are you talking about?

Triceracop: You know, the guys who hosted the Death Battle you had between Samurai Jack and Captain America.

Wolfman: Uhh....there was an incident, long story short, I can never go to Wakanda due to a warrant for my arrest.

Triceracop and Murderface look at one another worriedly.

Wolfman: Anyway Jurassic Park!

Photo3copie by Mr-Wolfman-Thomas

Triceracop: Isla Nublar to be precise, back in the early 90's, billionaire John Hammond had an insane idea....

Murderface: Yeah, to bring back dinosaurs from extinction and make them into theme park attractions, and feed them goats.

Triceracop: But, unfortunately due to a combination of a tropical storm and a case of corporate espionage, the dinosaurs got out and ran amok.

Wolfman: But did that stop Hammond, or rather Ingen, the company that poured millions into the park? Nope, they corralled the dinosaurs back up and rebranded themselves as Jurassic World.

Murderface: Which failed again because the corporate execs had piss for brains and decided to make a new dinosaur that ran amok....

Triceracop: Leaving the island for anyone to just make into the sight for a competition that can kill its contestants.

Wolfman: But enough about that, lets talk about the dinos that will be hunting out contestants.

Thrash by Mr-Wolfman-Thomas
Compsognathus (aka Compy)
Height: 12 inches
Length: 3ft
Weight: 3.5kg

Triceracop: Now how in blazes can that little thing kill anybody, it's tiny!

Murderface: Yeah Wolfman, I thought you said that we were going to talk about the dinosaurs that can kill people, not some gay little pets!

Compyattack by Mr-Wolfman-Thomas
Muderface: Okay, that's kind of brutal I guess

Wolfman: Right...anyway, don't be fooled by the Compy's size, due to Ingen's genetic manipulation the Compy is now a vicious pack hunter that hunts in packs with more than enough Compies to kill an adult man, like that poor jackass.

Triceracop: That coupled with their tiny, yet sharp teeth and claws, being killed by these things is anything but pleasant.

1Herrerasaurus (10) by Mr-Wolfman-Thomas
Height: 4ft
Length: 9ft
Weight: 485lbs

Murderface: Now these guys look deadly.

Triceracop: Indeed, these, like the Compies and Velociraptors are pack hunters, and while not having the intelligence that the Raptors have, these guys are nether less determined to track you down for dinner.

Wolfman: Yep, and where Herrerasarus lacks in intelligence, they more than make up for it in brawn, being more bulky than a Raptor and built more for hard take downs rather than wearing larger prey down by chasing them.

Murderface:.....I want one for a pet.

Dilo vs Nedry by Mr-Wolfman-Thomas
Height: 10ft(fully grown)
Length: 20ft
Weight: 1 ton

Wolfman: Give a big dinosaur a projectile, what do you get?

Triceracop: Godzilla?

Murderface: The death of Newman from Seinfeild?

Wolfman: Point goes to Murderface!

Triceracop: I'm surprised with as many liberties Jurassic Park takes with actual dinosaurs, they kept Dilophosarus its original size

Untitled (27) by Mr-Wolfman-Thomas
Height: 3ft
Length: 10ft
Weight: 110lbs

Murderface: The hell are those things?

Triceracop: Those, are Troodons, the one species that are arguably more intelligent than the Velociraptors.

Murderface: No way!

Wolfman: Way, like the raptors, Troodons are pack hunters, using teamwork to bring down their prey, these nocturnal beasties are also venomous.

Triceracop: Come again?

Wolfman: Their venomous, it's not clear if they secrete the venom themselves or if they eat poisonous plants to get the poison, but they have a nasty bite, that if it doesn't kill our contestants, it'll leave them in bad shape for the Troodons or any other predator that may come after them.

Untitled (31) by Mr-Wolfman-Thomas
Length: 3.3ft
Wingspan: 6ft

Murderface: That's it with their description?

Triceracop: Well, they do have sharp teeth, and are aggressive.

Wolfman: And they can be very dangerous in groups like the!

1 by Mr-Wolfman-Thomas
Height: 6ft
Wingspan: 33ft
Weight: 55lbs

Murderface: Only 55lbs, what a wash!

Wolfman: Make no mistake, Jurassic Park Pteranodons are capable of carrying off an adult woman.

Triceracop: And their beaks are like spears, capable of piercing a man's sternum, while wearing body armor.

Wolfman: And they typically fly with the Dimorphodons

Murderface: Can we just get with the big hitters now?

Untitled (28) by Mr-Wolfman-Thomas
Height: 6'8ft
Length: 15ft
Weight: 300lbs

Wolfman: These are arguably the most feared dinosaurs on the island.

Triceracop: Yeah, unlike their real world counterparts, the JP Velociraptors are large, fast, and intelligent, capable of matching speeds with a cheetah and matching wits with an ape

Murderface: Add that with sharp claws made for gutting victims open and jaws that can crush bones, that is one brutal and metal way to go.

00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 by Mr-Wolfman-Thomas
Height: 19ft
Length: 43ft
Weight: 7 tons

Wolfman: There's Ms. Controversy.

Triceracop: You talking about how she killed the.....

Wolfman: That never happened, that was just collective insanity from the audience.

Murderface: Anyway, this bad mother is just as deadly on land and in water

Wolfman: That along with those claws and teeth, certainly a deadly predator for our contestants.

Untitled (29) by Mr-Wolfman-Thomas
Indominus Rex
Height: 18ft
Length: 50ft
Weight: Unknown

Wolfman: Imagine if you made a velociraptor the size of one of the bigger theropods.

Murderface: Now imagine it being bulletproof and capable of tracking you down anywhere you go.

Triceracop: Throw in a camouflage ability you get this perfect killing machine.

Wolfman: Now, all rise for her majesty.

Untitled (30) by Mr-Wolfman-Thomas


Tyrannosarus Rex
Height: 20ft
Length: 45ft
Weight: 6tons

Wolfman: The T-Rex is the undisputed queen of Isla Nublar, with a running speed of 35mph and a bite force of 12,800lbs.

Triceracop: Not to mention the ability to sneak undetected into a building with nobody noticing until the last moment.

Murderface: And that's not all of the dinos our contestants will face, but these are the ones most likely to hunt them down.

Wolfman: Join us next time as we look at our first contestant, Kraven the Hunter


Justin Thomas
United States
My Little Pony Personality Test!
My Little Pony Personality Test!
Hosted By Anime
Yeah, not going to waste time in wishful thinking since the latest movie sucked, here's my idea for a Fantastic Four movie done right by Marvel Studios, lets get started.

Plot: More or less the same as the first Fantastic Four comic where the team already have their powers (their origins much like the Hulk's would be told in the opening credits via flashback) and this is their first real adventure, investigating the disappearance of one of Reed Richard's old colleagues in the Bermuda Triangle, thus leading them to Marvel's Monster Island and they find Reed's friend and some other captives who are prisoners of Mole Man who sends one of his monsters after the four, fearing that they'd tell the world of the island and bring more people there and he would once again be ridiculed and treated as an outsider as opposed to being a king of the natives of Monster Island and master to the monsters which leads a final battle in New York by the end of the film and one shot being a homage of the cover to the original comic.

Tone: I would like the tone to fit in with the MCU but still have it's own identity, taking influence from Indiana Jones, classic Star Trek, and Doctor Who minus the time and space travel (for this movie at least)

Cast and Characters-

Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic):
David Tennant- Yeah I know, he's not American and he's Scottish, but that's a small change, personality wise I was thinking something somewhat similar to how he was in the comics, being fascinated with anything science related like giant monsters for example that he'd tend to ignore the world around him for a comedic effect, but when he's focused, he's a good friend to Ben and Johnny and a lover to Sue, as well as a hero that will go above and beyond to help others

Ben Grimm (The Thing): Vin Diesel- Like with the Hulk I see the Thing being motion captured and since Vin is already playing Groot and possibly Black Bolt, why not give him a role where he can speak more than three words, and it's not like Vin cant play the kind of character I see Ben being, kind of like Hellboy where he's sarcastic and doesn't give a damn, but only uses that persona to cover up the pain he feels for looking the way he does

Sue Storm (Invisible Woman): Charlize Theron- She's a great actress, mature looking and beautiful, not to mention she can play the role of someone who's intelligent as well as drop dead sexy, unlike say Jessica Alba, also I feel she can play off of David Tennant's Reed very well

Johnny Storm (Human Torch): Andrew Garfield- Yeah, why not him, I mean he did do a good job as Spiderman, he managed to capture the wise cracking joker side to Spidey, and that's pretty much Johnny, plus it'd be funny that two of the main characters in the MCU both at one time played Marvel characters for other studios

Harvey Elder (Mole Man): Peter Dinklage- For this movie I don't want Doctor Doom to be the first villain the Four come across, so why not have them face the first villain the fought in the comics, and for that we need an actor who is phenomenal, that's why I pick Peter Dinklage, he can be serious, funny, sympathetic, even intimidating, everything I feel would be needed for Mole Man

And that's my idea for what Marvel can do with a Fantastic Four movie, you guys like it or hate it, comment below and let me know
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